David and Stacy go to Italy for Andrew and Babetta's wedding

Our trip to Hong Kong and China in 2001

The 2002 Curryfest trip to France

Our trip to Yosemite

Spring 2004 in Italy

Storms over Kitt Peak

Some Wright houses in Pennsylvania

Spring 2005 in Mexico

Curryfest light in Lake Tahoe

We took a trip to Taliesin West

In December we took at trip to Casa Grande (between Tucson and Phoenix)

Summer 2006 vacation in Ireland and Wales

The Curryfest trip to Arizona (CanyonFest). There are pictures of Oak Creek Canyon, Slide Rock, the Grand Canyon, Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, Painted Desert, Wupatki National Monument, and Tonto Natural Bridge State Park.

A magnificent sunset (8/29/06) on the way back from CanyonFest

We took a trip with Elizabeth to BioSphere 2 and the DeGrazia Gallery

Pictures from our honeymoon to Hawaii

Our safari to Kenya and Tanzania

Our day trip to the beach (in Mexico)

Bob, Lee, Stacy & David go to the Chiricahua National Monument (and what a sunset we had!)

Bob, Lee, Stacy & David go to the Chiricahua NM again (this time there was no rain)

The Elliotts go to Portugal in 2008

CurryFest 2008 (Vancouver)

We went to Grenada for Thanksgiving

Stacy and I went to Bisbee AZ for the day

We spent the 4th of July at some Wright houses

CurryFest 2009 (LobstaFest)

David, Stacy, Bob and Lee visit several Canyons

The Elliotts go to Italy (Rome and points south)

CurryFest 2010 had two parts, the event (our get-together) and THE EVENT (Caroline and Gordon's Wedding!)

Between the above two events, David and Stacy go to Yosemite and hike Half Dome (among other things)

Bob, Lee, David and Stacy go to Upper Antelope Canyon and around

David and Stacy went to India for a wedding

Dan, Christy, Stacy and David go to Belize

Bob, Lee, David and Stacy go to St. Petersburg Russia