Our Thanksgiving vacation to Grenada

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First, for people who do not care about seeing our vacation picture, but just want to see pictures of VERY CUTE kids, just click here.

We flew from Phoenix to Grenada via Miami.

Landed very late at night but there was a great car rental guy waiting for us - his only customers. David did an awesome job driving out of the airport on the left side of the road and then immediately went onto the wrong road. We got our bearings and struck out again. We had one more wrong turn (following directions given by Stacy :-), then made it to our hotel - where the business office was dark and shuttered. We knocked loud enough on that door and the woman in the connected building heard us and handed us a key to our room. It turned out to be several rooms.

We went to bed and woke up to a great view of the Caribbean. Hung out most of the day exploring the place we were staying (Coral Cove Cottages) and took a short drive and hike on the southern side of the island. Went to the grocery store for provisions that included ginger beer (good), nutmeg syrup (great on pancakes), small green things that looked like bananas and definitely were not (never attracted a single Drosophila), spice wine (kinda bad) and Carib beer (Stacy hates beer, but the rest of us drank LOTS of it).

The next day involved a trip into St. George’s (the capital) to buy fish at the fish market. Here, whole fish are sold by the pound. Then, another person is paid to de-scale, de-bone and fillet the fish. His knife was much sharper than anything in our kitchen.

On Tuesday, we went to the Grand Anse beach early in the morning and then had lunch at True Blue Bay.

On Wednesday, Rob, Stacy and David circumnavigated and then bisected the island. Saw Carib’s leap far to the north. Never found the chocolate factory. Had lunch at the Rivers Run Distillery near Lake Antoine (excellent lunch of Grenadian foods like pumpkin, sorrel drink, and callaloo) and then toured the distillery (VERY strong rum – 150 proof). Stopped at Grand Etang Lake. Saw Annadale Falls.

Thursday was Thanksgiving in the US. We mostly hung out and read. Tried some snorkeling off the pier by our hotel. The low tide made it difficult not to touch the bottom and the bottom was to be avoided because there were way too many sea urchins down there. But, there were pretty fish and coral.

Drove to Concord Falls and then hiked to Fountainbleu Falls. Spent some time in Concord Falls when we returned. It was wet the whole time and raining some of the time. Then, more snorkeling off the end of the pier at our hotel. Happily, Stacy saw the sand shark AFTER she got out of the water.

The national dish is called "oil-down" and we never did get to try it. What Stacy finds amazing is that one of the main ingredients is salted meat (beef, pig tails, cod fish, etc.) The Caribbean Sea is right there, why not eat fresh fish. It’s like they learned this from the Portuguese (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bacalhau).

After a long day of flying, then driving, we were home and went to bed.

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