During Andrew and Babetta’s wedding, Andrew said we should visit them in Hong Kong since they would not be living there much longer.

  • Dawn, our first morning (seen from our bedroom)
  • First light
    • Morning

    Our first morning, I woke up early and took some pictures out of our window of the sun rising over Western Hong Kong Harbor.

    • The view of Victoria Peak from Andrew and Babetta’s living room.
    • Hong Kong haze seen from their roof
    • Stacy, Andrew and Babetta on their roof deck

    Their apartment was the penthouse on a building in the “Mid Levels” (partway up Victoria Peak) and had a great view.

    • Stacy and Andrew take a break
    • The entire hillside on Victoria Peak is ‘managed’

    Stacy, Andrew and I took a walk around Victoria Peak  summit.

    • Jumbo restaurant in Aberdeen
    • Jumbo restaurant at night

    The three of us also went over to Aberdeen harbor where Andrew and I did some sailing.

    • Crazy Hong Kong roads
      • The bird market in Hong Kong

      Hong Kong itself is packed together is ways that I had never seen before.