We went up into the mountains to see the snow, and then it snowed IN OUR BACK YARD! (low bandwidth and high bandwidth)

We took a hike up finger rock trail

Pictures from our wedding & honeymoon

We took at trip with the Stanford Alumni to Havasu Falls

A day hike up Milagrosa Canyon to some swimming holes

Rock climbing on Mt. Lemmon (Ridgeline)

More climbing on Mt. Lemmon (The Druid)

Our safari to Kenya and Tanzania

More climbing on Mt. Lemmon (Middle Earth)

Our daytrip to the beach (in Mexico)

A disappointing hike to Bridal Wreath “Falls”

Another day hike up Milagrosa Canyon

Bob, Lee, Stacy & David go to the Chiricahua National Monument (and what a sunset we had!)

CurryFest 2007 (Boston)

Climbing pictures from Lobo Wall, Hunchback Pinnacle & (sunset on) Hitchcock Pinnacle.

Kroll family visit (and drinking)

Stacy and I went for a walk in Sabino Canyon